Linux Class Room: Introduction

Hi ,

Today I am going to start a new Session in this bog , focused on the people who are coming newly to Linux field.

Like every new guys in this field I also had a lot of doubts while changing to Linux field.At first it will not digest to new guys especially those who are changing from the windows background.Me to faced the same problem.
But , believe me ,when i changed to Linux background i felt that this is one of the simplest  OS for thing i noticed was its power to change any files in its file system by the root user , as widows wil not allow this feature.In this way we can change our Linux to any form as per our wish, as widows wil not allow that.

ok...i am not going to give all my experience here ,though it will take a lot of time, i don't have that much tooo.

In this page i am going to give you classes from the basics of Linux( i will start with redhat , though it is more popular one).including the screenshots and video tutorials.

so Guys let start our new class room from my next posts......welcome to all with your feedbacks and comments

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