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We can make our post in the blog to view partially instead of viewing the whole post with the help of Read more >> link.
For that purpose Blogger introduced jump breaks which helps you to create a summary of the post.Jump break is a special tag which can be inserted anywhere in a post using the post editor.When you have inserted a jump break into a post, the portion of the post above the jump break will serve as the summary of the post.

Inserting a Jump break

Linux interview questions and Answers

                        Now I am going to start a new post which will be updated on timely basis , helpful for the guys who are preparing for interview in Linux field....

1.What are the main difference from LINUX and WINDOWS ?

  1. Linux is an open source software and Windows is a closed source software.
  2. Because Linux is an open source software so whenever a users faces a threat or problem he report the same on community discussion form and developers starts to finding the solution. While Windows OS takes 2 to 3 month for correction of reported threat and error and after that releases new patches and updates.
  3. Linux OS is most secure than Windows OS.
  4. Linux systems are well known for their ability to run for years without failure
  5. Linux also handles a large number of processes running at once much better than Windows does--that's something, in fact, that tends to degrade Windows' stability quickly.