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Linux interview questions and Answers

                        Now I am going to start a new post which will be updated on timely basis , helpful for the guys who are preparing for interview in Linux field....

1.What are the main difference from LINUX and WINDOWS ?

  1. Linux is an open source software and Windows is a closed source software.
  2. Because Linux is an open source software so whenever a users faces a threat or problem he report the same on community discussion form and developers starts to finding the solution. While Windows OS takes 2 to 3 month for correction of reported threat and error and after that releases new patches and updates.
  3. Linux OS is most secure than Windows OS.
  4. Linux systems are well known for their ability to run for years without failure
  5. Linux also handles a large number of processes running at once much better than Windows does--that's something, in fact, that tends to degrade Windows' stability quickly.

Interview Questions For Freshers

1 .Tell me about yourself

Good morning sir/madam.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

I am Mohana sundari. K koundar and I have born and brought up in Olappalayam.

I have currently pursuing my BE in M. Kumarasamy College of Engineering with aggregate of 89%.

I am from a secular family.

My achievements are won first prize in athlete and first prize in relay during my school days. And I have participated in drawing competition at National level.

My short time goal is to be placed in a good company and my long time goal is to gain knowledge and improve my skills along with the company growth.

My strength is my hard work and my smile.

My hobbies are drawing and gardening.

Thank you.

2. Why should I hire you?

Reacting to the situation properly.
Take the things in a positive way.
Motivate the people to do good in their works.


I expect more from my work and I want to complete all the things.

3 .Why do you want to work at our company?


Your concern is good at all business oriented deals in the world market. If I given an opportunity it is easy for me to develop my personality and i'll get more knowledge and I dedicate my ideas and passion for the development of your concern.

4 . How do you feel about working nights and weekends?
I complete my work within the time limit if the organisation demand to work at night or weekends I definitely do, because I help other in critical situation.
5.Can you work under pressure?
Working under pressure also teach lesson in our life, we are under pressure only from the date of joining school till now we have been suppressed by pressure many times, because at that time only our inner talent come out of the shell. It is easier to ride the cycle in the direction of wind, difficult against the wind but when we want to go in that direction surely we will.
6.Are you willing to relocate or travel?
Relocation or travel based upon the situation only we will decide, at that situation what we feel comfortable do that thing only, without comfort we can't work properly. So anything should be in frank, honest and fair manner.
7.How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
I expect to work till I and the company are satisfied in my work for the company. If company is satisfied and there is no bond and everything seems comfortable to me. I will work as long as my service needed by the company.

8.How much salary do you expect?
As a fresher salary is not my first priority, I only needed to improve my skill and learn new things. So whatever company offers is OK for me.
9.Do you have any questions for me?
Thank you all, hmm, I have only one question. This is because you have been very thorough and covered most of the important areas that I wanted to ask about. Thank you for your professionalism. When should I expect feedback?

Apache Server Interview Questions And Answers for linux admin

Q: - What is location of log files for Apache server ?
Q: - What are the types of virtual hosts ?

name-based and IP-based.
Name-based virtual host means that multiple names are running on each IP address.
IP-based virtual host means that a different IP address exists for each website served. Most configurations are named-based because it only requires one IP address.
Q: - How to restart Apache web server ?

service httpd restart
Q: - How to check the version of Apache server ?

rpm -qa |grep httpd
Q: - What is meaning of "Listen" in httpd.conf file ?

Port number on which to listen for nonsecure (http) transfers.

SAN Interview questions

SAN Interview questions

 Fibre Channel SANs are the defacto standard for storage networking in the corporate data center because theyprovide exceptional reliability, scalability, consolidation, and performance.Fibre Channel SANs provide significant advantages over direct-attached storagethrough improved storage utilization, higher data availability, reducedmanagement costs, and highly scalable capacity and performance.

Typically, Fibre Channel SANs are most suitable for large data centers runningbusiness-critical data, as well as applications that require high-bandwidthperformance such as medical imaging, streaming media, and large databases.Fibre Channel SAN solutions can easily scale to meet the most demandingperformance and availability requirements.

The increased performance of Fibre Channel enables a highly effective backupand recovery approach, including LAN-free and server-free backup models. Theresult is a faster, more scalable, and more reliable backup and recoverysolution. By providing flexible connectivity options and resource sharing,Fibre Channel SANs also greatly reduce the number of physical devices anddisparate systems that must be purchased and managed, which can dramaticallylower capital expenditures. Heterogeneous SAN management provides a singlepoint of control for all devices on the SAN, lowering costs and freeingpersonnel to do other tasks.

Development started in 1988, ANSI standard approval occurred in 1994, and largedeployments began in 1998. Fibre Channel is a mature, safe, and widely deployedsolution for high-speed (1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB) communications and is the foundationfor the majority of SAN installations throughout the world.